Handmade and Natural Soaps

Slow Soaps are handmade using only natural products, not including any kind of synthetic chemicals.

Our mission is to promote your well-being while caring for the planet, seeking more sustainable solutions!
More About Us

Our Mission is to give back to nature only what it gives us!

Handmade Artisan and Natural Products

Our oils and butters

All the essential oils used in our formulations come from certified companies.

Each package we receive is part of a specific batch, accompanied by a certificate that attests to its quality from the collection of the plant to the storage of the final product, from where it leaves to our factory.

Our Natural Additives

Fruits, leaves, roots, seeds, clay, milk, honey...

We can say that additives used in soap have different functions. While on the one hand they enhance the beneficial effects of all the formulation already used, on the other they serve to give the soap its colour or decoration.

Our manufacturing method

At every stage of this process, the most important health and safety instructions are observed.

All the material is washed at high temperatures and disinfected at the moment of use. Handling at any time during the manufacturing process is carried out with gloves. And the personal safety of those involved is guaranteed by wearing the appropriate protective equipment.