A Nossa Embalagem Ética

#goingzerowaste is our goal

As a newly created company, which is taking its first steps in the business, SLOW.SOAPS is incessantly looking for solutions that allow it to occupy an important and unequivocal place in the heart of the sustainability policies that are indispensable in today's world.

By its mission, not only the products we manufacture but also the packaging we use are subject to constant reflection to follow the premises to which we are committed.

It is in this sense that we choose packaging and shipping products for our orders that are intended to be 100% recyclable and preferably originate from sustainable production processes, such as alternative or recycled raw materials.

We are constantly researching better solutions and alternatives for details such as the stickers, for example, which we apply to the individual packaging of each soap. Although made from recycled paper, its glue is not recyclable, so we are currently considering other options.

We are also looking for a natural alternative to the wax with which we hand-mark this packaging, with the seal, and we have already started to use recyclable adhesive tape.

We will seriously continue our efforts so that our mission is scrupulously achieved.