Our manufacturing method

Handcrafted and safe production

Our soaps are produced entirely by hand, using artisanal techniques created centuries ago.

Through the combination of vegetable oils and caustic soda, the important saponification process is achieved, in which the fats are transformed into soap, eliminating any trace of the chemical component used.

After saponification, the bar of soap or soaps that have already hardened is cut and left to cure so that they lose their moisture and at the same time allowing their ph to progressively drop to the desired values. It will only be after this time, between 4 to 6 weeks, that it will be ready to be used.

However, before the soaps started their healing process, they had already been trimmed and stamped. And once again, all these steps are performed by hand, one by one, and the result is the creation of unique pieces, each one different from the other.

At all stages of this process, the most important health and safety instructions are observed. All material is washed at high temperatures and disinfected at the time of use. Handling, at any time during the manufacturing process, is carried out with gloves. And the personal safety of those involved in it is ensured by the use of protective material indicated for this purpose.