Our Natural Additives

Fruits, leaves, roots, seeds, clays, milk, honey...

We can say that the additives used in soap have different functions. If, on the one hand, they deepen the beneficial effects of the entire formulation already used, on the other hand, they serve to give the soap its color or decoration.
The benefits of goat, coconut, or oat milk are well known, as well as honey or agave and aloe vera, for example. They are allied with fresh fruit pulps or even alcoholic beverages. All these ingredients contain characteristics that enhance the positive effects present in the rich constitution of soaps.
We also use clays of different colors and properties. Always used, their cleaning and purification properties are unmistakable, giving the soaps softer tones and a more rustic and appealing touch.
To the milk, saps and clays are added the leaves of plants used for tea, powders from roots or nuts or their husks, ground dried flowers and seeds of all kinds.
The possibilities for using all types of additives are vast, and we make use of them in an enriching and creative way so that our soaps result in a high-quality product suited to the needs and desires of our customers.