Our oils and butters

Essential oils - the stars of our company

“Essential oils represent nature in its most concentrated form. are extracted directly from the bark, flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, rhinestones, or roots of a plant or tree, and a single drop contains complex networks of molecules that produce myriad effects in the organism. They are completely and totally natural.”

This is how Eric Zielinki defines what essential oils are, in his book “The healing power of essential oils”.

They are essential because the plant extracts its essence, its richest part, and its aroma. These oils are extracted through various processes such as distillation or plant compression and differ from what is called fragrances, which in turn are created in the laboratory, through chemical processes.

Its properties have been known for centuries in folk medicine, and each is used through different applications or concentrations. Due to their characteristics, they must always be used with extreme care and moderation, imperatively following the instructions defined for each one of them. Otherwise, the effects that are intended to be beneficial become dangerous risks to human health.

One of the most important precautions to take is its dilution. An essential oil should never be used bluntly and directly on the skin. It must be diluted in any vehicle oil, that is, an oil that carries the essential oil without removing its qualities, allowing its application.

It is at this point that its union with vegetable oils that SLOW.SOAPS uses as the base of its soaps becomes evident. Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, or grapeseed oil make up this base to which essential oils are combined.

From this union, our products emerge.

All essential oils used in our formulations come from certified companies. Every package we receive makes part of a specific batch, accompanied by a certificate that attests to its quality from the collection of the plant to the storage of the final product, from where it leaves for our factory.

Thus, SLOW.SOAPS can guarantee the quality of its final products, ensuring the beneficial effects that each oil provides!

The vegetable oils and butters that we use as a soap base

The base formulation of soap is a fundamental part of the success of the final product. In it, different types of vegetable oils are mixed which, due to their characteristics - with greater or lesser content of oleic, linoleic, or ricinoleic acid, for example - will make the soap more moisturizing, creamier, or firmer. It's about creating a base rich in properties to which more special, more luxurious oils are added, which will enrich the result you want to achieve.

As with essential oils, these are also made up of different types of properties that transform the final product into a soap full of benefits for the health of the skin

Olive Oil, for example, one of the oils that are present in most of our formulas, is rich in fatty acids, giving soaps a deeply moisturizing base, while at the same time containing antioxidants.

Coconut oil is rich in linoleic and fatty acids, Omega 6, and antioxidants. Cocoa butter is rich in Vitamin E and helps to give a better consistency to the soap.

This is a matter of the highest importance, as not only is the skin our largest organ, it is through it that our body absorbs everything that touches it. If today, there is such important attention to our diet, it should also be paid to the products we have a contact within our daily lives, as these can have the same harmful effect as poorly cared for food.