About Us

SLOW.SOAPS soaps are handcrafted, using only natural products, not including any type of synthetic chemicals, whether they are preservatives, thickeners, or colorants manufactured in the laboratory. Our formulas use only natural materials such as vegetable oils - olive oil, coconut or castor - butters - shea , mango, cocoa - enriched with luxury oils - rice white, grape seed, avocado, hemp, or sweet almond, among others.

The added aromas come exclusively from essential oils of the highest quality and their colors are conferred by clays, plant roots, spices, or minerals.

This set of raw materials makes it possible to obtain a soap rich in beneficial properties for the skin while using aromatherapy, which also promotes relaxing or stimulating sensations.

To achieve our mission, we also pay careful attention to the way we develop our packaging, as these are an important part of the process of reducing the impact on our ecosystem, which is so threatened in our times.

Cosmetic production is nowadays deeply controlled by laws and regulations, not only at a national level, but also at an European one. All SLOW cosmetic products are registered on the respective platforms, Infarmed and CPNP, assuring its clients with the proper quality they deserve.

Our mission

We were born to promote well-being through our products while developing an important sustainability strategy: our motto is “ We try to give back to nature only what it offers us ”. We work towards reaching a wide range of people, making them aware of their physical and psychological improvement - promoting a less accelerated, better quality way of life - and of the need to prevent any harm to the world around us.

Our vision

We intend to grow, over time, as a brand established by our mission, recognized for the quality and creative originality of its products.

Our values

We are committed to following our principles at all times — these are what make the difference to other products on the market. As a small company, we will always pay great attention to our customers, in a close, truthful and attentive relationship, emphasizing our name: Slow - calm and personalized contact will be our commercial modus-operandi.